Welcome to Vumika Enterprise Door And Furniture

Vumika Enterprise Door And Furniture is now considered as a well-known furniture brand in Bangladesh. With the utmost promise to provide the finest home and office furniture Vumika Enterprise Door And Furniture started its journey in 2020. Vumika Enterprise Door And Furniture has introduced a large variety of quality product with exclusive, contemporary and customized design. From the conceptualization to the final delivery, all out production goes through strict quality control process.


Vumika Enterprise Door And Furniture is relentlessly trying with a vision to provide quality products at a reasonable price and absolute services towards its valued customers, even after sales. Vumika Enterprise Door And Furniture family believes that this would ensure Vumika Enterprise Door And Furniture as a trusted name in Bangladesh.


Vumika Enterprise Door And Furniture welcomes the opportunity to become your partner and is ready to deliver you with the appropriate goods and services.

Some features of our products.

– Completely Knockdown (CKD) Furniture
– Modern and Slim Look
– Durable & User-Friendly
– Furniture with Groove Design
– 100% Termite Proof
– 1 Year Service Warranty

Factory Details:

Selection is done based on merits and qualifications. Everyone has got clear-cut job descriptions and got equal opportunity to contribute and share their ideas and thoughts to grow in the company

Employees are rewarded with salary, commission and incentives as per standards. Workers and staffs are provided with free and subsidized food from the factory and office cafeterias.

Factory Environment:
We are very conscious about Fire extinguishing, we have strong fire extinguishing unit in our factory arena. Employees’ health and hygiene are taken out most care with full-time adequate numbers of Doctors, nurses and other medical supports.

We ensure clean and well air existing environment in our factory which is one of the biggest priority of us. To develop the human skills, both on the jobs and off the jobs trainings are constantly being provided to all the workers and staffs.